Monday, November 28, 2016

Steps Forward

Copied over from my prior blog site and host:
I've begun moving this blog, one posting at a time, over to Blogger. (I can't move it all there at once.) Just my first sixteen posts have made it over thus far... leaving two-hundred-twenty-some. Well, [shrug], so I'll be busy with that awhile.
I'll try to keep this front end going, even while trimming off the backside, so to speak. I'm still busy with plenty of other things, including some backfill from The Missing Years.
I write first for me, not for both my readers... so it's more like the cat watching its tail twitch, than jumping onstage and capering around. In some profound ways, I'm not the same person who was writing here regularly, most of a decade ago - pardon the cliché. And likely you're far different from who you were back then as well.
A chunk of where I've grown different is in politics... or rather, what's been guiding me in how I engage political and social issues - which came to a head most recently in the national election earlier this almost-over month. I'll drop some more about that at some point, hopefully soon.
My faith remains strong, my longing for the monastery is undimmed, my commitment and devotion to those I love is unwavering... so in many ways, I'm still me, too. Yet I feel... deeper, and a bit less wishy in my washy; you'll see - or just maybe you've seen already.
Cheers, folks!

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